Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Worth It?

54 year old female seen in our ER 2 weeks ago for small stroke that left her with residual word finding problems but physically fine, discharged home the end of last week with prescription for Nicotine patch for long history of smoking.. after a day patient quits wearing because it made her "Nauseated" and smoking helped her feel better...

Tonight after having a headache all day and her cigarettes not "helping" -her husband hears a thud in the bedroom and finds that she is unable to talk, move her entire right side nor able to manage her swallow or secretions... She has had a MASSIVE stroke..

Because of her stroke 2 weeks ago we can't give her TPA a clot busting drug... her prognosis is very dismal.. and all i want to ask is were those cigarettes worth it?

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