Sunday, September 7, 2008

Tight Squeeze

Obese woman comes in with complaints of shortness of breath, lab test shows elevated DDimer..( test for blood clots). She needs a CT scan of her chest to find out if she has any in her lungs... Small problem our CT scanner can only fit someone LESS than 350#. By looking at her I figured she was pushing that limit but just to be sure I pulled out the scale and asked her to step on it... Quite irritated I would not take a "Stated Weight" she got on and her weight was 337#. I knew I was close!! She of course said the machine was wrong and I should have it recalibrated.
So to make her feel better and to prove it was right I stepped on the scale... you are right I told her the machine is off... it is under weighing us!!!

I swore I heard her mutter "Skinny Bitch"

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