Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ho Hum weekend

Hard to believe that with a holiday weekend how slow we have been..no great trauma but a few interesting cases...
#1 --5 yr old boy sitting on the counter watching mom cook when he slipped off the counter landing on the back of his head... come walking into the ER for complaints of headache unrelieved by Tylenol and Motrin.. CT Head report--- C1 unstable fracture.. Off to major trauma center for him for halo-ing.
#2-- Man calls up wanting to know exactly how close can get to the campfire with his nasal cannula oxygen going... Hmmm as close as you want as long as you have nothing to do but spend time in the ICU burn unit. Idiot!
3#-- Man comes in with neck pain and tingling/numbness in right arm.. neck pain d/t stenosis.. MRI says right arm problems are MS. Why is it always the nice people we have to give bad news to.
#4--Teen wanted to work on his car but couldn't find the jack so he used a rock and some 4x4s.. He was surprised when it gave way while he was under it...
#5--Guy walks up to triage and asked to be admitted to Psych unit because he feels like an episode of "Sex Fever" coming on. We gave him to the male ex-army ranger now nurse.
#6--Man comes in for abdominal pain..CT scan reads gallstones. Dr tells pt who promptly lifts his gown showing a scar and says "nope I had that taken out years ago when I got stones and it was infected". We re-scanned and sure enough his gallbladder was there. His Right Kidney...now that wasn't. Gallbladder/Kidney same thing right?

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