Wednesday, September 10, 2008


When nights get really stressful the ER staff finds ways to break the tension and laugh a little some times it is playing pranks on each other from clipping hemostats to the back of each others scrubs to putting KY on the grip of water bottles..
My favorite is BAB..otherwise known as Blood Alcohol Betting ---

A patient comes in usually by medics after consuming some large quantity of alcohol and attempting some mundane feat like leaning out a truck door to vomit and falling on their face..
Before the patient arrives everyone gets the story and for $ 0.25 you can place a bet.. once the patient arrives the betting stops. Everyone gets involved in this from admitting, to hospitalists, to housekeeping, but this week I am on a roll.... I have my next week worth of lattes covered!!

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Anonymous said...

LOL I love it... We also bet on what drugs will come back positive on drug screens