Monday, September 29, 2008

Who would have guessed?

I never know who is going to walk thru our ER doors and sometimes I am very surprised by which of my patients I enjoyed and wished could have stuck around longer to chat.

I have taken care of all levels of celebrities from local stars to national sport players to world famous singers.. and I treat them the same as everyone else. I never bring up who they are or ohh and ahh asking for autographs.

So tonight when a local celebrity brought his wife in for a migraine I gave her the standard care I give all, but for this family member that wasn't good enough.. he complained that everything took too long, that we didn't start with strong enough meds, they weren't getting enough attention, that our ER was too noisy, that the techs answered the call lights and not the nurse yada yada...

3 beds away was this attractive 40yo woman in with chest pressure with hx of MI that once ruled out for critical cardiac issues and was waiting for the repeat 4 hour cardiac enzyme check was pleasant and understanding, realized how busy we were and that I wasn't ignoring her and asked for things when I checked on her and didn't live on her call light.

I couldn't wait to get the "star" out of my ER and could have sat and chatted for hours with my chest pain patient and learned how this charming, demur woman became a high class call girl.


Anonymous said...

She became a highclass call girl because she is addicted to crack. She has chest pain from using crack.


Drama>Trauma said...

sorry steve no drugs for her.. actually has a MI hx with stenting. we did a utox. i figure she was going to be positive also.