Tuesday, September 9, 2008


This weekend we got slammed night after night... and just when I thought we had gotten thru it a code is brought in 90 minutes before the end of shift of a 6 night string.. and who should decide to show up at the same time... Dept of Health.. are you kidding me-- nothing like diverting staff to go room to room looking for open medication bottles or undated juice in the fridge. Thanks guys!! They should have to wait in triage like everyone else!!


Handyman said...

Long time reader, love your blog. One would think that the health dept. should find out where your PT's have been, and go there. If someone is in the ER, how much worse could it get, even if the juice is past it's serve by date?

ERnursey said...

DHS and JCAHO should be burnt at the stake

Drama>Trauma said...

Now rememer they aren't JCAHO anymore...now they are
"THE JOINT COMMISSION"...just what they needed a new name to fit their egos and god like complex