Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wakey Wakey ER nurse....

Last night I was suppose to be off, after working 5 nights straight and one hell of a weekend..I was looking forward to curling up in my bed with a good TV show and nodding off for a good nights sleep... It was not to be.

At 11:30pm my phone rang and it was the ER saying they were slammed and I needed to come in and help. The big hospital ER in the county got slammed and went on DIVERT, so the ambulances that typically go there came to us quickly filling us to over capacity causing us to go on Divert. That is when they called me... I might have said no, forget it I am already in bed, but they used an unfair tactic...they had my best friend who works in the ER call me and ask me to come in and help.. Of course I could not say no... damn her!

Here is a sampling of what pulled me out of my bed....

One pt was a surprisingly nice chronic drunk who was 5x the legal limit out riding his bike when he fell and at first appeared to have just facial lacerations and extremity abrasions. But since he was my pt we all know that would be too easy.. His head CT showed a brain bleed with numerous facial fractures and broken ribs. Off to the Level 1 trauma center for him.

Another pt came in with multiple burns to face/arm and leg after spilling the broccoli she was cooking... Her and her companions were placed in a room and while there they rummaged thru the cupboards and drawers were unable to sit still, turned equipment on and off, twitched and tweaked and generally scared her "roommate"... Broccoli my A** more like cooking meth and it exploded. A common hazard in that "line of work". I kicked her companions out and placed her in a chair next to the nurse station so we could keep a closer eye on her till discharge.. Once again this tweaker entertained the rest of the patients with her antics.

A tonsillectomy patient that was now bleeding post-op..never a good thing. Because this was my worst fear after my recent surgery this patient was pampered by me.

A co worker's child that had the "stomach flu" what we call gastroenteritis.. This child had such severe vomiting and diarrhea that he was beyond dehydrated and actually was in acute kidney failure. Not something we see in the young very often.

Of course there were numerous babies with fevers, and runny noses, several patients with broken bones, a child with an allergic reaction to his antibiotic, and patients with asthma exacerbation, and congestive heart failures.

All in all I stayed 4 hours and got paid for 8. Nice bonus and my patients were actually pretty decent, even the meth head.

I could get use to working 4 paid for 8. I wonder if they will let me make it a permanent thing?!

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