Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Nobody Move!!!

Fall Assessments on Everyone!!!!

At our staff meeting today the Boss revealed one more thing for us to assess while in triage. Starting immediately every single person that comes thru triage has to be given a fall potential score and we must then figure out how to prevent it from happening while in the ER .

Why now..because some family brought in Grandpa for agitation and while in the ER THEY were walking him around when he fell and fractured his hip. The family has gotten a lawyer and said it is our fault he fell and was injured because we did not educate them of the potential for falling and injury!!! Are you freaking kidding me?! What the hell is wrong with people now a days?!! Who doesn't know that the elderly fall? Plus wouldn't the family be better than me at assessing his fall potential?

So my question is what about toddlers just learning to walk? Every time they fall in the ER am I suppose to CT them? What about infants? Should I forbid parents from holding their babes because they might drop them, and do I have to fall assess the parents since they are holding the baby?

What about the potential of falling off the gurney? That could happen to anyone. Put the rails up? They could fall thru them or climb over them and fall...Hmm what to do??

I know...everyone who comes to the ER is immediately placed on a Back Board and strapped down and placed on a mat on the floor. That should solve the falling problem.

People's escape goating and stupidity..still no cure!

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