Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Next Dozen are on Me!

Working in the ER I get a lot of interactions with the police.. almost as much as when I am driving (Er nurse has a little bit of a lead foot!!).

For the most part our interaction with the police consist of them dropping off their "gift" of a
(mental, injured, drunk, tweaking, screaming, spitting, fighting or any combination of) patient for us to deal with or they just need a quick "okey dokey for the pokey" otherwise known as a "clear to book" in jail. Then they are gone.

We also get their assistance when a patient is out of control and we need them to assist with restraining or tasing, as occasionally happens as we do not have security at our hospital (the suits don't deem us worth the expense of even a little old retired high water pants, white sock wearing grandpa). And then again they are gone..lickity split.

So this weekend when all hell was breaking loose, and I was running from one crisis to the next, multiple ambulances were stacking in the bay waiting to offload new disasters I was SOOOO appreciative that ONE officer realized what was going on and stayed with his perp and helped keep him in line during his stay, even though I know he was getting yelled out for not returning to the streets by his Lt.

So Mr LEO, to thank you I promise to slow down in your jurisdiction, and be mindful of those silly 4 way stops... well at least for this week!

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