Thursday, August 7, 2008

I Accept

What a difference these EDs are from the little magoo ER I use to work at. Here was ONE of my 12 hour nights this last week....

*Arrived to a packed house... parking lots jammed, people sitting/ laying all over waiting room with average wait time for "GOMERS" 4+hours.

*Broke hospital record with most ambulance arrivals =15 in 40 minutes. And all really sick and crazy.

*3 walk -in MIs (heart attacks)

*8 months pregnant here on vacation, out boating when her water broke...arrived via EMS and delivered 7 minutes later! Its was a boy!

*Teenager brought in by mother out of control assaults mom in ER...Amazing show of force by staff, including security and police. She spent the next few hours in a locked room by herself, crying for her mom to get her out.

*24 yo female walked in with asthma attack that needed intubation.

*Some idiot threw his/her lit cigarette into the bushes in the parking lot resulting in a small fire... guess who's truck was parked next to this bush...yours truly! Bastards!

*Drunk woman brought in by medics and police after drinking 3 bottle of wine and fighting with husband... shortly thereafter began throwing up said wine all over the gurney, herself, floor and wall... and then i hear "Nurse i think my tooth came out" And guess who you think got to search thru her dinner and wine looking for this tooth? Yep me again!! Woohoo I am on a roll!

*Found out the triage RNs here carry pepperspray. I like that about these nurses. They have no problem defending themselves!! You go girls!!

And that was just a snippet of some of my patients that night!

At the end of my shift the ER director arrived and spoke with the charge nurse and then asked if I liked working for them even after a night like that.... if so she wanted to offer me a full time position based on all stuff she heard about me. Hmmm let me think about that a--- never mind Hell yeah I'll take the job. This is damn fun.

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