Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bad day...

In order for people to see me at work they generally have to be having a bad day... and then there are some who's day has turned into a full are 3 recent

Middle age woman at a friend's summer party has a bit to drink and falls thru their 2nd story windows.. Fracturing her left hip and femur

2nd Middle age woman falls 5 ft from a ladder, landing her chest on a fence post, piercing her left chest and tearing away a chunk of breast tissue and popping her 30yr old breast implant. It seriously looked like a shark bite it was so extensive.

22yo male gets fired from his job comes home and argues with his girlfriend, decides he is going to find a permanent solution to his problems. He unfortunately does not check how much weight the cord that he chooses can hold. Because he truly is having a bad day the cord breaks and he lands face first onto a dresser.. We end up sending him to bigger city trauma center with numerous facial and jaw fractures.. not quite the permanent solution he was hoping for but definitely he will have permanent reminders of this day.

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