Sunday, August 24, 2008


In our ER using the term "Frequent Flyer" to describe patients that practically live here is a big no no and grounds for a write up for being judgmental and derogatory... so I use the term "Gold Card Member". Typically GCMs are drug seekers with a list of allergies to all non narcotic and OTC pain relievers.

One such patient came in this week while I was working Fast Track (the area of the ER that is open from noon to midnight that is designed to see quick cases, typical walk in clinic patients..we get most the GCMs during operation hours) and this is how he started our interaction...

"Hey lets not waste anymore of my time, the stuff you been giving me is garbage... I need something better and a lot of it cause I can't keep spending all my daylight hours is summer man and I got things to do!"

Nope no reason to be judgemental here...


ERnursey said... gotta give him points for honesty

Insultant said...

All I have to say to this is... uhhhhm, yeah.