Monday, August 11, 2008


Another head shaking weekend in the ER. Here are some stories of our DNA donors...

**Teenage couple 15 & 16 come in for STD testing, after he has burning and "gross stuff" dripping out. She admits to not being a virgin when she slept with him, he was shocked, Me? Not so much.

** A guy threatens suicide when he is arrested for drugs thinking he is going to come to the ER and we will protect him from going to jail with a mental eval hold... Wrong, our SW eval'd him and sent him on his way..side trip 1.5 hours not quite the 72 he was hoping.

**Female brought in by medics for eval at police request after she is found asleep/passed out in the aisle of local grocery store...seems she took a bunch of oxycodone then decided to go shoplifting in order to buy more.

**16 yr old girl out partying with her friends when they notice she is not responsive and shallow breathing.. being teens they did the "smart" thing and decide to drive her home. Once there they can't get her out of the car and are forced to get her parents. Dad calls 911 who intubate on arrival and bring her in to us. Blood Alcohol- 356.== 4.5 times the legal limit. While I was caring for her, mother asks who is going to give her daughter "The Talk", about responsible drinking.. Hmmm HELLO PARENTS, that is YOUR responsibility, my job is to save her ass, not raise it!

**There was a local house party with a large family gathering when friends arrived and get into a confrontation and shotguns are fired with people scattering on foot and in cars. One car loaded with 3 guys crashes into a telephone pole a block away and they take off on foot. Guy#1 has facial lacs from glass and calls a friend to come get him. She calls 911 asking for directions to the nearest ER. We are it. During triage they change their story numerous times...
Guy #2 was tracked down by K9 officer and decided to resist the cute puppy.. Bad idea-- we counted more than 38 bite marks over his right arm,flank and thigh.
Guy#3 decided to give up and also brought in by police for facial laceration.
During all of this #1 denied being involved nor knowing 2&3 despite when he thought we were not looking he would go talk to them-- during which our ER was crawling with cops from 5 different jurisdictions...Dumb Ass. He left like the other 2 in handcuffs and us laughing at his stupidity.

After this weekend I need to get my neck eval'd for repetitive motion injury..I wonder if I can claim L&I?

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Insultant said...

I can hear the banjo music already. Let me guess, no insurance either?