Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Say Ahhh Er Nurse.....

In 12 hours I will turn into a patient.. the worst thing a nurse can hear. In 12 hours I will become "that dreaded patient". Healthcare workers hate taking care of each other. There is always that feeling that the job we are doing is being judged, and worry about making a mistake an being called on it or "educated" by our patient.

In 12 hours I will walk into my hospital and let my co-workers ask me those horrible personal questions,"Now what medications are you on? and what are they all for?" Then place me into one of those gowns, and parade me down the hallway in full view of everyone, "OPPS sorry ER nurse we forgot to get you a robe..HaHa!, and then bring in the greenest nurse (with 20/400 vision) to place my IV.. "Opps sorry ER nurse looks like baby nurse put a 14g IV in.. that didn't hurt much did it?" Haha!

Why would I subject myself to this type of abuse you ask? Well if you were asking my SO he would tell you because I deserve as much pain/abuse as I dish out to him in life! But really I have decided to finally get my tonsils out. Are you crazy you ask? Well if you ask my SO... well we all know what he would say! So 20 years after I should have had them out as a child I finally have decided to get it done. Or should I say after 20 years I finally have the guts to do it. Of course waiting that 20 years has made this a more painful and dangerous procedure.. but hey I never claim to be the brightest patient, I am a nurse remember.

So all wish me well.. and wish my SO luck and alot of it, he is going to need it, he is going to be the one stuck home with this crazy nurse for a patient. Now where can I find one of those metal cow bells?!

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