Saturday, March 22, 2008

I call do over!

Here I am 10 days post-op and I will say I am so thankful I will never have to go thru this again. Knowing what I know now and given the choice I would go back in time and not have shown up for surgery to begin with!

The night before surgery I ate and ate until midnight that magical NPO hour that just about every surgeon picks. It is never 0030 or 2330, but straight up midnight. I often wonder how this hour was chosen. I understand the reason for it completely, but would one day love to hear a Dr say NPO starts at 0015 just for kicks.

Surgery itself I think went ok. I woke up and I didn't notice any burn marks across my chest from the paddles being applied in such rush no one put on the gel pads, my throat hurts, so it appears the Dr operated on the right surgical site. I had a hard time initialing my tonsils but I think he got it right.

Recovery..well that was fun. I am very sensitive to medications and I hate that euphoric feeling, that high from narcotics so many people come thru my doors hunting for. I also am a control freak, a real type A personality and alot of these drugs give the sensation of being out of control or not caring. So that being said according to my chart left at my bedside by my nurse I came out of anesthesia "emotionally fragile". Who me? The Er nurse from hell, that lives by the motto "K-Y optional" when placing objects into orifices. Yep that was me.. sitting up on my gurney with a pile of tissues crying for who knows what reason and who knows for how long. What co-workers and many patients would have paid to see that!

My time at home I wish had been uneventful, but because I am a nurse that goes against some cardinal rule in nature. At first my problem was rapid swelling of my uvula (you know that tissue hanging down in the back that everyone thinks is their tonsils), it swelled so much it was laying on my back tongue. Even for an ER nurse that is scary to see when you look in your mouth and you can't visualize your throat at all. In all reality I should have returned to the ER for close airway monitoring, I kept this little tidbit of info to myself because I am an ER nurse and we do that.

Next because of the airway issue and swelling I was unable to swallow so I was dehydrating, what does an ER nurse do? Put in her own IV!!!! I am quite talented! Next a family member brought me the gifts of viral influenza and cold symptoms. Yes can you imagine vomiting, coughing or sneezing after having your throat operated on? Let me tell you this is a bad mix. Needless to say this meant an ER visit. There are days when working in an ER has it's benefits. That day was one. No wait just straight into a room IVs started with meds. But because I was at my own ER HIPPA did not apply to me. My friends kept coming in checking on me after word spread that I was there. Which was ok... they had what I wanted ZOFRAN!!! Zofran that magical anti-nausea medication. I love the stuff. And thank god it works for me.

Hopefully my days as a patient are quickly coming to an end. I don't think me or my family can take much more of this. I have been a terrible patient, but hey I am an ER nurse what can you expect..I learned from the best.. my own patients.

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