Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Time to put your big girl pants on......

Ok my dear co-workers you really set me off all weekend. Maybe I was being a little hormonal, but I can tell you honestly it had no role in me getting in your face and telling you to quit bitching and just do your friggin job.

We are a small ED and we are all aware of it.. but we all need to deal with the fact that our area is growing and we are smack in the middle of prime outdoor playgrounds. We are seeing more and more people who come out here to play and decide to stay.. and with that they are going to be using our ED for whatever reason they see fit. With that being said our bosses have decided that the growth has not quite met the requirments for us to increase our staff (we will cover that issue in another blog guaranteed) So some nights we are going to run our asses off and we must pull together and work as a team. So I have decided to put together some things you can do to help with that... please take notes.

1-When you have a pt that has a DC(discharge) written, do it. Don't think that by ignoring it, it will keep your beds full and free from taking new patients. If after a few minutes you don't do it someone will and I promise you won't like the next patient they place in that bed, for pulling that stunt.

2- We don't want to hear you whine about how heavy your pt load is. Ours in no piece of cake either. Whining will not get your pts out of the ED any faster. The energy you used whining you could have used calling the lab and asking WTF where are your results. And never never whine in front of pts and family.. you make us all look bad.

3-We all are going to have pts that really know how to push our buttons, especially if they are frequent flyers..and we all appreciate that, and when possible we try and take those pts for you, but if it isn't possible just buck up and deal with it.. you were never promised the ability to pick your pts nor liking them. Be professional and do your job. Standing around and refusing to care of the patient is childish and get you nowhere except ticked off coworkers and further behind.

4-If you are lucky to have gotten a lighter load than someone else the last thing they want to see is you sitting on your butt or surfing the net.. ask what you can do to help, usually the nurse will refuse your offer and say they got it, but offer anyway.. because if you don't they will remember and payback by a nurse can be ugly.

5-If your shift ends while all hell has broken out,offer to stay a little extra till we can at least tread water.. remember this doesn't happen every shift but when it does just you staying one extra hour can really make a difference.

6-When we are slammed the Techs/Hucs are NOT your personal slaves. They are already seen by most as being at the bottom of the food chain . Treat them with some respect and ask them for help. And for godsake remember to say thank you.

7-And Finally just taking a few minutes before you leave for home please stock your room with the basic supplies, linens. foleys, IV tray.. nothing is worse for a nurse than finding that she has to take extra time to run to clean utility to get her stuff.

Basically this posting is all about common sense and courtesy.. remember nurses are evil and have unbelievable memories.. pissing off your coworkers who have the ability to fill your rooms with demented,screaming,incontinent, railing crawling grandmas is just plain crazy..but if you insist..

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