Friday, February 22, 2008

Is that a fever? Typhoid? Mad Cow?

It is Friday morning and I head back to work tonight after having the week off. Not really looking forward to it..

Our ER is going thru big changes as there has been a overhaul of the hierarchy, and not all for the good.

Alot of the changes have been done without any input from the people it most affects.. THE STAFF! Not sure why that is.. I would think that in these days of nursing shortages that hospitals and really any facility would want to keep their nurses happy and thus employed with them.. I guess that would require actual fore- thought, and that appears to be lacking at my hospital.

So here I sit in bed 12 hours before my shift (why I am not sleeping?) hoping that I will come down with some as yet unidentified virus that makes me to weak to work, but yet strong enough to go out biking and enjoying what sun we have here in Feb. We all have heard of that virus, it is the one that brings our patients to the ER sunday night looking for the magically "off-work the next day" note, after trying to accomplish feats even their previous decade body baulked at.

As of yet not a sniffle to be heard, nor a cough mustered up enough to get my sleeping SO's attention.. I feel doomed to have to go to work.

12 hours and counting... no pressure right?!

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