Saturday, July 12, 2008

We have WINNERs!!

4th of a July this year was horrible in the ER... We were way understaffed for such a major holiday that fell on a Friday night and there was great weather for.. the combination was perfect for all those that murk up the gene pool.
We saw so many burns and firework injuries that we actually ended up turning the back half of the ER into a burn unit and called in an additional MD to run it (but not additional nurses..that would make sense!).

It amazes me year after year the things people do in order to celebrate the 4th with the biggest boom...

This year the winners of the 4th of July Darwin awards are my patients who thought

“ Hey let’s fill up an extremely thin piece of rubber with a highly explosive, volatile gas that could explode at any moment and put a flame to it! " .... aka filling balloons with Acetylene (gas used in welding torches) and igniting it. Several of these guys unfortunately also learned about static electricity mixing with these balloons resulting in severe burns to legs, chest, arms, hands, stomach and face.

A close runner up are the ones that light off mortars in their hands and aren't quick enough in throwing...

And of course my favorite irresponsible parents that let their young children play-light fireworks. One child came to the ER after sibling stuck a lite punk into his eye.. parents decided to wait a few hours before coming in to see if vision would improve on its own...Morons.

So what do these lucky winners get... For those that really "out did" themselves a trip to our Trauma Burn Unit in another county aboard a $800 "taxi" red lights and siren free of charge.
For the rest they get to learn all about pain, wound care, infection, and scarring.

For an application for next year contact ER nurse.. Only entry requirement--Stupidity

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