Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Buttkicking Certified

I spent 9 hours today in class at Big ER learning how to verbally de-escalate an aggressive patient and how to physically fight off an attacking one..

Rural ED could have cared less about my physical safety.. despite being attacked there several times by patients including one time warranting police to come and arrest my patient and charges filed, rural hospital never thought I or my co-workers were worth protecting so that we could go home to our families safely. (Administration never even called to check on me after that incident,despite the fact I was injured)

But Big ERs 1&2 are paying for me to have this training AND they also have 24/7/365 security with local police also making indoor/outdoor patrols. It makes me wonder why I stayed for 4 years at rural ER.

Class was fun today but tomorrow's 9 hours will be better.. I get to learn choke holds, subduing and how to drop a patient twice my size.... This is my kind of nursing class!!

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