Thursday, July 3, 2008

Come one come all....

The ER gives out the TB tests to the night shift workers so they don't have to come during the is a convenience thing. It only takes a minute so we don't mind this mundane task, but the other night was a first...

A new housekeeper comes in and asks me if I can give him his new employee shots (Hep B series) No I explain but I can give him his TB test. And this is how the rest of the conversation went...

HK-- "How often do I need that"
Me --"Once a year unless you are + then you need XR upon hire and when you become symptomatic"
HK-- "Oh I just had one a few months ago"
Me-- "Ok go get a copy of the paperwork from your previous employer and that should suffice"
HK-- "No the jail gave it to me"
Me--"Excuse me"
HK--"When I was doing time, they said I was fine, is that enough"
Me--"Let's figure this out outside the med room"

Amazing, it took me 3+ years to get badge access to the EXTERNAL doors of our hospital.. yeah it is time to leave.

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