Saturday, July 12, 2008

New ICD 9 Diagnosis

A trucker from the southern US passing thru our town was brought in after drinking too much and passing out at a bar while on stage...(medics informed me of his musical preference) His BAL was 0.456 almost 6x the legal limit so he was less than alert and orientated.. Every time he would arouse to stimuli and see me he would say " You sure are purty" and then promptly pass out again. This line must work for him as he had numerous different women's names tattooed on him.

Occasionally he would ask why he was in the ER and each time I would tell him "Because you were singing bad karaoke" to which he would nod and smile and pass out again.

After numerous hours in the ER Mr Trucker was coming around and asked again why he was there.. I told him his BAL "That's not illegal I wasn't driving" No I replied just a drunk trucker, with a big cowboy belt buckle belting out Barry Manilow karaoke. Now that should be illegal!

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