Monday, June 2, 2008

That Other "C" Word....

Last nights nightmare was a 40 yo female hyped up on Cocaine/Meth/Narcs and Amphetamines running around a nearby town buck naked. The police came across her in the middle of the road having sex with some guy she had just met, when they turned their lights and sirens on she still continued riding her new cowboy.

Upon pulling her off she became belligerent/yelling/fighting with the police and dropping to the ground spreading her legs and yelling at the LEOs to go ahead and take their turns..

She arrived at my ER still fighting ..It took everyone working in the ER at the time to wrestle her onto our bed and putting her in locked restraints. She continued to thrash and yell and I got the joy of putting her IV and Foley in. The IV was a little difficult as I was aiming for a moving target but I got it on the first try. The Foley was a whole other matter.

In my opinion there is nothing worse than cathing a habitually unclean female after she has had sex.. That aroma sticks with you the rest of the shift .

During all of this rodeo girl was screaming-thrashing-cursing-threatening-grabbing anyone, anything in reach, throwing her legs open and inviting passengers in her most lady like manner.

As a given she and I were not destined to be buddies. She hated me and made sure I knew it. I was not impressed with her behavior and made sure she knew it, to which she informed me she was going to behave anyway she wanted and I couldn't do a damn thing... That sounded like a Challenge... I accept!

30 minutes later I had calm returned to the department. And princess? She had Ativan/Haldol intravenous and adult diapers on.

Show over...I won.


::::wifemothermaniac:::: said...

As hard as that was on you, my heart breaks to ponder how badly she must have been damaged as a child to self destruct like this now, she sounds like she is wanting to be destroyed as violently as possible, so sad. I think I empathize, because many many moons ago I was on the path to self destruct, but she;s gone way way further than I ever did.

Drama>Trauma said...

Even though I get so frustrated taking care of these patients I often wonder as well, at what point in their lives did it all go wrong. Can't imagine living like that.

Anonymous said...

Actually wifemothermaniac, she very well may not have been "damaged as a child" as so many people seem to claim. No offense, but I get sick of everyone finding someone else to blame. Doing drugs, drinking to excess & other self-destructive behaviors are a CHOICE! Take my older brother for example, he had a wonderful, happy childhood & he's still a drug user, dealer & all around loser. I applaud you ERNurse for putting up with her as long as you did. Nurses are the un-sung (sp?) heroes.