Monday, June 23, 2008

Make mine a double

I had a nightmare night...

Airlifted a teen out with a c-1 fracture after a high speed MVA, told a 42 yo man that came in with chief complaint of feeling tired and lack of appetite that he had metastatic lung cancer and had a mother come running into the ER throwing her baby into my arms that was blue and limp...

I went and had a few drinks after work-- so it was 6:30 am.. I earned them
Side Note..Fracture of the Dens(Odontoid Process)
Most dens fractures are caused by motor vehicle accidents and falls
About 1/3 of C-spine injuries occur at C2 and about ½ at C6-C7
As expected, most fatal cervical spine injuries occur at C1 or C2

Type I fractures are usually treated with a hard collar for 6-8 weeks
Type II fractures can be treated with
*Halo immobilization for 12-16 weeks
*Operative fixation (odontoid screw)
*Arthrodesis of C1 to C2
Type III fractures can be treated with a halo or surgically.

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