Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Good Stuff....

I deal with a lot of patients that we call
"Frequent-Flyers". We see them almost weekly for every little thing, real or imagined wrong or so they can try and scam narcotics. They remember me from all their visits and even know my name without me saying it..It gets really old, fast!

But then there are patients that I take care of once but because of something crazy -they stick in my mind forever and make great contributions to storytime and I usually never see them again. But this weekend one of my favorite ER patient stories came back and he remembered me after all these years...

Guy comes in to the ER in police custody after running from the police..tased.. for a medical "Okey Dokey for the Pokey". As I am taking care of him he says to me "You don't remember me, but I remember you.. you took care of me couple years ago" This didn't cause much interest in me..I take care of a lot of people so I continued with what I was doing. Him seeing this continued on.. "I walked in here after being stabbed.". OK now he had my interest.. We are a small hospital in a rural area we don't get many stabbings let alone walk ins. So I asked where he was stabbed.. "My chest". Bingo we have a match..I tell his story all the time.

This guy walks into the ER clutching his left chest stating matter a factly "I have been stabbed". He was covered in blood so we rush him to our code room, undress him and see the wound. We jump into action with Ivs, monitors, fluids, scans and blood to transfuse , we start calling for a life flight helicopter to take him to the trauma center in the big city. While we try and stabilize him and wait for the helicopter I ask why was he stabbed. He tells me he went to his buddy's apt they got into an argument and he got stabbed. "What were you arguing over" I ask. "I lent him some porn and he would not return it" Say what? "You got stabbed over porn?!" I asked in total disbelief . "Yeah but it was the GOOD stuff!" he said defensively.

Now when I tell this story people always ask me what he meant by the "Good stuff" and you know I was afraid to ask a couple years ago.. and the other night I still didn't want to know.

Somethings are better left unknown!

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