Friday, June 20, 2008

Moving Day.....

Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors. - African proverb

Sorry have not posted in awhile... ER nurse is in the middle of switching Er jobs. ER nurse has decided to move on to the BIG county Er in the area. It is the ER where all the area trauma goes.

Why move on? Well for starters I am always looking to expand my knowledge base. We are a small Er so we don't get to see real trauma unless it walks in. I find myself repeating the same night over and over. Treating the same patients over and over. Big Er sees 5x the amount of patients we see.... guaranteed more interesting cases more things to learn.

Second small ER is moving in a direction I don't think is safe for my license or my patients. Like I have said before I protect my license with everything I have. And it means moving on in order to do that this time.
Third I feel that this administration does not value their staff nor feel the need to protect us physically from deranged patients. We always hear what we do wrong, but never get praise for all the OT we put in or the nights we get our asses kicked. We are also constantly reminded how expensive it would be to make the ER a safe working environment and it currently is not something they feel they can budget for.. Hmm what a nice message.
So as much as I will miss the camaraderie of my co-workers and the FF/PM and police, it is time to move on, time to expand my knowledge base, time to feel appreciated, and above all time to feel safe at work.

My stories will continue... but hopefully will be more bizarre and maybe even Trauma>Drama!

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HM said...

You go ER Nurse

Your loved ones will stand by you and support you, and your readers will read on!