Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Front Row

We all know that the economy has gone to sh**, sadly those of us in healthcare have gotten a front row seat in the impact this has had on our communities.

In the last couple months our SI\SA (suicide ideation,suicide attempts) have drastically increased. Before we would get people "attempting" suicide more for attention getting behavior than from depression. Now on average I deal with 2-3 true attempts a shift. These are patients that by shear luck someone has found them and called 911.

The despair these patients and their families find themselves in I cant even imagine. The sad story is that time and time again there are children involved, so not only have they been helplessly watching their parents struggling to make ends meet but now have to deal with fact that their parent choose the easier answer of death than the harder fight of staying with them and protecting them albeit with a less flashy lifestyle.

While I fight to keep these families together, I cross the hall and walk into another patient's room and advocate for the destruction of another.. The DV (domestic violence) rates are shooting up. Patients ,in particular women are showing up in droves with injuries that only a closed fist or boot could make. They come in with their bogus stories and babies that look at me with timid faces telling me about their Mommy's "ouchie". My heart breaks for these children stuck in almost a lose lose situation.. Stay in the current situation and watch the abuse and become a victim of it as well, or have mommy leave and end up on the street or living in the car because so many shelters are full right now.

I wish I had a solution... I pray the President does as I see only things getting worse as my community looks down the barrel at the upcoming layoff planned for the end of this month at our local major employer.


Anonymous said...

I have always had a saying when it comes to how bad things could get financially. No matter how bad things do get, we can move into a family members house. No we won't be driving the Luxury Sedan or Luxury SUV. No we won't have the horses or skating lessons. No we won't have the Plasma TV, Satellite or the Wii. But we will have each other and the kids, and in the end, the kids need their parents.

I just don't get suicide, and it is another strain on the health care system and society in general that is just hard to see.

Nurse Nightingale said...

I love your blog! I enjoy reading about your experiences. I have a friend who wants to be an ER nurse but she is afraid that she will not have the critical thinking skills when put on the spot. Your blog rocks!

ecrunner said...

Thinking about it, suicide has to be one of the more selfish things a person can do. Once their life ends, their loved ones have to deal with all of the burdens, not to mention the cost of the person's death. And for you guys,the nurses, sounds like a stressful thing to have to deal with or even witness. But that is the biggest strength in nurses, your ability to maintain control in the workplace.

Anonymous said...

I hope your absence since Feb is just you taking a well deserved sabattical. Missing your blogging. From Australia.