Sunday, January 11, 2009

Influenza update

Back in October I was wondering aloud about how effective this years Influenza Vaccination was going to be and B*tching about the CDC pushing for all healthcare workers and children under 18 to be vaccinated. I held the opinion that until they perfected the makeup of the vaccine and not making it an educational guess I would not get the vaccine for me or my children.

Well according to their website today 146 million vaccines were made.. of those they have projected 85.8 million adults and children have been vaccinated. As of today the CDC reports that 52,199 influenza tests have been given to patients with 1,173 testing positive and resulting in one death a pediatric. The CDC also admits that this years vaccine does not cover the Influenza B strain out there meaning that the vaccine is only 50% effective...

With this information I am still OK with my decision, but look forward to science perfecting this vaccine as I know the benefit of it for those at high risk..

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