Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Boys vs Girls

Last weekend was drunk teens in the ER.

Most of the males I get a kick out of.. usually the boys are full of bravado one minute, flirting with any female breathing the next, to at some point wanting their moms . These young studs throw out under-developed come on lines, and display those innocent trying to be the player smiles.. I really don't mind taking care of them and they usually are able to get a smile out of me with their antics.

On the other hand drunk teenage girls are a nightmare... their erratic behavior runs the gamut from hysterical emotional crying, to hair pulling, spitting, name calling, possessed brats. They want to fight anyone and everything. They want everything their way and if not they like to threaten and throw out that infamous line "You don't know who my dad/mom is.... your going to pay for this.." To which I usually respond that they are right I don't know who their parents are, nor do I care and it is her parents that are going to pay..and pay big cause an ER visit is not cheap.

Most teens don't realize that once they cross my ER doors their parents can't save them. If they are deemed at risk for self harm or threaten harm to others we as healthcare workers are bound by law to keep them and everyone else safe.. whether that is with chemical or physical restraints or with the assistance of law enforcement.

But as I always say ER nurses always get even with those patients that push too far or make the big mistake of attempting to dictate their care with threats.. nothing feels better than cutting off $150 jeans ... necessary of course in order to do a thorough physical exam.. and I am always thorough!

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