Monday, April 7, 2008

911-What is your emergency?

When you call 911 because Grandma is having a heart attack you expect Paramedics/FF to be there within minutes. That is not always the case... The reason... because someone is having DENTAL PAIN and has called 911 to transport them to my ER!

I wish I was kidding but I am not. I have seen this time and time again, people calling 911 for the most stupid reasons. Most of the times these patients also fall within the same demographics.. state assistance, a litter of kids, unemployed, alcohol and drug issues and lacking in both common sense and education . Basically those mucking up the gene pool.

Some of the reasons I have seen people call 911 and get brought in....

*Dental Pain *Constipation *Ingrown Nail

*Ear Pain (in a child) *Cold symptoms *STD check

*Sore Throat * Hiccups *Boils/Wound Check

I have also seen people call 911 with a "medical issue", get transported in and the minute they cross the ER doors hop off the gurney stating all better and walk out. They simply wanted a ride to this part of town, this happens alot when the county fair is happening.

It is the policy of the local fire department to transport anyone that calls to the ER if that is their request no matter how minor or stupid the medical complaint even during the day when walk in clinics are open, and all on the tax payers dime!!

There lies the problem.. there are no consequences to abusing 911. They can't be penalized for being lazy or moronic. But if we started charging them for transporting of non medical emergencies to the hospital I think it would drastically reduce these calls.

And that is a win win situation all around. Grandma will get immediate care and transport. The tax payers will be saved money and there will be less idiots in my ER beds, meaning I can finally get my breaks... I wonder if 911 does meal runs?

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