Friday, January 18, 2008

Why Blog?

Welcome to my blog... After 11 years of nursing and about 4 of them in the ED I find that I need a place to "detox". There are some mornings as I walk to my car that I wonder why the hell do I keep doing this job, not just working in the ER but nursing as well.

I got into this job with all the good intentions, and thoughts of being the next Nightingale, when in actually I find myself night after night wrestling with my patients, watching them get tazed and then placed in 4 points. Most times I win the fight, but there have been times I have had my ass handed to me...

I find myself with each day becoming more and more cynical. Are they truly sick or just looking for drugs? I find myself feeling more like my patients drug dealer and not their health advocate. Now a days we prescribe/handout narcs more than ever before just to "shut them up and get them out" and because so many Drs fear getting sued for not providing adequate trx.

Come in for a fx(fracture) get 20 percs, stabbed 20 percs, assaulted 20 percs, migraine 20 percs, dp(dental Pain) 20 percs, nothing better to do at 0300 then come hang out in the ER 20 percs!

So I guess this is where I am going to come to detox and vent and hopefully meet others that are going thru the same, but not quite ready to throw up our hands and say enough.. on the other hand it might get us 20 percs!

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